Withdraw Request

About our Withdrawal Policy

Regardless of the depth our waitlist, it takes our Registration Team an average of two weeks to re-book your kiddo’s timeslot. It is our hope that the improved flexibility in this policy will allow you to make the best decisions for you and your family, while allowing our team the time required for processing.

We require notification of intent to withdraw by the 20th of the month to end lessons by the final calendar day of the month. Requests submitted on the 21st and thereafter will be granted but also incur a $75 Late Withdrawal Fee.

    • As billing occurs on the 1st of the month, you will have already paid for your lessons. Regardless of your withdraw request submission date, those lessons are yours to use. However, please let us know if you do not intend to use the lessons so that we can open our instructors’ schedules during those times.
    • Unused lessons for the remainder of the month are ineligible for refund.
    • Any reschedules on your account and/or account credit will remain available to you until their expiration date.