Splash From the Past!

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Splash From the Past!

It’s happened to most of us – you’re looking back at old pictures and find one of yourself with a hairdo or style of clothing that makes you laugh and/or cringe! A similar sense of bewilderment comes from looking at photographs of swim lessons from the not too distant past. Don’t worry; we have no plans of incorporating these techniques.

1948 swim lesson
Yikes! This 1948 swim lesson in Zurich, Switzerland looks like a recipe for disaster.
old techniques
You may have noticed some Little Kickers instructors demonstrating a similar technique using a pool noodle to suspend the student. Our approach seems a little less intimidating.
adult lesson
Check out this spooky shot! Did you know that Little Kickers offers swim lessons to adults, too?
This gem is displayed in the fitness center at Denver University. The “WALK DON’T RUN” sign is still relevant today, but pushing kids off a diving board is not.
Young Yaya image
We’ll leave you with this throwback picture of one of Little Kickers’ owners and lead instructors, Yaya! Her style has changed but her love of swimming remains.

Do you have any outrageous pictures of your former self at the pool? Send them our way! If you use them in a #splashbacksaturday Facebook post you could win a free swim lesson!

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