Consistency is Key

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Consistency is Key

Consistency is an important element to success in just about any area, especially swimming. With so much else to balance, it’s not uncommon for parents to take a session off from swim lessons. To become a good swimmer and see continuous improvement, we highly recommend being consistent with swimming all year long. By making the commitment to be in swim lessons all year, you can guarantee seeing more development, confidence and independence in your kids’ swimming ability.

We all know how hard it can be to start back at the gym after a few months off. The same regression in endurance and ability goes for your children and their swimming. So know that if your little kicker does take a break from swimming they’ll need to ease back into it. Even the most confident and skilled swimmers can regress without consistent practice. This explains why professional swimming will commit to four years of training without skipping a session. Talk about commitment!

We understand swimming is far from the only thing on your family’s plate! If seeing your kids’ swimming ability improve is a priority, taking lessons year round is the best recommendation we can make.

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