Little Kickers

The best results come from one-on-one learning.

Below you will find our prices for private and semi-private lessons. We provide swim lessons for children 6 months and up. We recommend that children under 1 year come in for a 15 or 30 minute lesson, and from ages 1 and up, for a 30 minute lesson.

Private Swim Lessons

One-on-One Private Lessons with an Instructor

For swim lessons longer 45 minutes or longer, the time can be divided between two or more children.



15 Minutes $17
30 Minutes $34
45 Minutes $51
60 Minutes $68

Semi-Private Swim Lessons

Two Children Swimming Together with One Instructor

This is perfect for two kids who are at the same level that would like to swim together. We ask that children in semi-private lessons already have the ability to swim the width of the pool. These costs can be split between two families.



30 Minutes $48
45 Minutes $70

**Please note these prices are for recurring lessons when you sign up for the session. We also have packages available which offer a discount. If you sign up for drop-in lessons, the prices differ slightly. Please view our full price list HERE.